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Blind Date
May 1, 2011

Blind dates are always risky. Some go well. Most don't. And in the case of this BLIND DATE, you can most assuredly assume the latter. Starring Tracy Clifton and Isaac Brown and produced by Misplaced Planet, BLIND DATE shows you just how bad things can really get when you're meeting someone for the first time.

Posted by Benni Pierce at 1:41 PM: Comments (3750)

Happy Halloween 2009!
October 30, 2009

Here's a spooky thing that we put together to celebrate Halloween, the time of year for spooky things. We hope it adds to your enjoyment of the season.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 10:02 AM:

Hell Froze Over in NYTVF
August 10, 2009

The pilot episode for Hell Froze Over is an official selection for competition in the New York Television Festival! This is a huge honor, and we are very excited. We couldn't be more thrilled, and we want to thank everyone who's supported us. Please get out the word, and as soon as we know exactly when the pilot will be screening for the public, we will post it here. Anyone in the New York area should consider attending, because it's quite a show, full of glamorous industry professionals and the premieres of new network television. Last year, Fox premiered Fringe at the festival. Our fingers are crossed that this could mean big things for our little show - perhaps even a chance to produce a second season. Check out Hell Froze Over on the official list of accepted independent pilots. Wish us luck! PS: This is the super secret reason that the pilot has been removed from the internet.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 7:57 PM:

Hell Froze Over - Now Online!
February 14, 2009

Misplaced Planet Productions is proud to announce the premiere of its new, comedy web-series, Hell Froze Over. To commemorate a weekend of important dates, including Friday the 13th, Valentine's Day, and President's Day, the first episode of the 10-episode season will appear on on February 13th 2009. A second episode will appear on Monday February 16th.
From that day forward, to the end of its 10-episode run, new episodes will appear every Monday. Other content, including special character pieces, behind-the-scenes elements, blog posts, and the like, will be posted throughout the week on the website.
Hell Froze Over is an edgy, sometimes raunchy, and always deranged series about Jody (Tracy Clifton) and all the men she's ever rejected. In order to prove a point to her roommate Brooke (Diana Toshiko), Jody decides to go on a date with every man she's ever turned-down, starting with the lunatic she just passed on the street (Sean Simbro). In every episode, Jody tries to make the best of things on dates with the bizarre and broken men who she turned down the first time around. In the process, it irreverently explores sexuality, relationships, human foibles, and curses from God.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 6:03 PM:

Hell is Freezing Over
January 2, 2009

Misplaced Planet has been laboring through all of 2008 on a special project, a ten-episode season of a web series called HELL FROZE OVER And now, as 2008 becomes 2009, we are thick in post-production, bringing all the pieces together, readying the series for a premiere on Friday the 13th of February, the day before Valentine's Day. The series will launch on its own website, which will feature not only the episodes, but additional content, including interviews with characters, behind the scenes featurettes, photo galleries, and blog posts. We hope to support the premiere with a strong online marketing push, which means not only banner ads on our favorite sites, but all sorts of viral networking, which is where you come in. We will be asking all of our internet friends and associates to help us reach that critical tipping point, that magical place where the show may actually promote itself by its own quality. To get there, we need the help of everyone with an e-mail address, everyone with a blog, everyone with a Facebook or Myspace page, everyone with a friend, or at least a family. I hope you'll love the show enough to help us push it in every possible direction, in every possible way. Until then, enjoy this small preview, and keep your attention here for updates. Mark Friday the 13th of February on your calendar, set up an alert, pin this one to your corkboard. This is the big one for Misplaced Planet, and we need everyone's support to reach the threshold and get the attention we truly beleive this series deserves. Thanks for a great 2008!

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 6:49 PM:

of the girl
October 27, 2008

Tis that time of year again. My favorite holiday to be sure. Halloween breeds a sort of fun that is not matched in spirit by any of the other holidays, and it is that sort of bewitching magic that continues to intrigue me as a filmmaker year after year. With that said, it is only appropriate that of the girl make its online premiere during this very holiday season. Shot in only 3 hours with a $250 budget,of the girl is a film that deserves to be watched in the dark with the sound turned way up on your computer. Engross your senses in it, and I have no doubt that you will find yourself clamoring for the light switch when the final frame fades away. This was a very personal piece of cinema for me, as evidenced by the "Inspired by True Events" tag at the end, referencing something that happened to a loved one not too long ago. Though the details between this event and the movie are very different, there are certain similarities that I still find haunting, even now. And if you find yourself liking this film, be sure to check out Anniversary Dinner and Antebellum both available in the Now Playing area of this site. Thanks for watching, and Happy Halloween!

Posted by Benni Pierce at 7:49 PM:

Small Talker Credits
September 14, 2008

For the past five years, Misplaced Planet has made a series of short films, some strange, some thought-provoking, some involving blunt force to a man's testicles. But of all our projects, none has been as mysterious as Small Talker. It's been in the PREMIERING section of the site for just about a year, with a delightful trailer and summary, and every expectation of it's presence on our site each passing week. But the durned thing never premiered!The question is, where is Small Talker? Whatever happened to it? That lovely young man and woman in the trailer, did they ever find love? Was it with each other? And what in the samhill is a date decoder anyway? The truth is - we can't say. We'd love to, but we can't.At this point, we can not show the completed version of Small Talker. Our hands are tied. I can only vaguely allude to a full-length version of the Small Talker script, and a lot of finger crossing. In the midst of this veil of secrecy, there is, however, an impressive new tidbit to show you. New Misplaced Planet member Jon Stahl has created a brilliant animation for the Small Talker end credits. This 60's inspired animation includes a taste of the original music created for the film and a fun new look at the device itself. Enjoy!

Posted by Alli Hartley at 4:59 PM:

Her Batteries
August 3, 2008

(2008) 5 minutes. Written and Directed by J Wilder Konschak. Starring Barb Beaser. Shot by J Wilder Konschak and Alli Hartley. Music by Kevin MacLeod For forwarding and embedding, please click right here.


This post might be a bit of a spoiler, but I'm going to go ahead because I think it'd be wrong if I didn't explain the deeply personal, monumentally important nature of this month's video update. It doesn't have the usual Misplaced Planet polish, but that's because it was created entirely outside of our production schedule. It got hammered together, for love alone, despite an overwhelming schedule of producing episodes of our upcoming web-series, HELL FROZE OVER. I could argue that we did it for the fun of filming from the hip, since it was produced at home, with a crew of two, and a cast of two, and a crossover between those two groups of one. It could be argued that it was done for the pleasure of working with two of my favorite people. It could be argued that it was intended to test the camera-rig I'd designed and constructed for no conceivable reason. But none of those reasons capture the passion I've always felt for this project. The truth is, this movie happened for one simple reason. I love vibrators. I think they represent a rare example of our world with its heart in the right place. The inventive design and manufacture of a vibrator. The calculated and yet instinctive selection and purchase of a vibrator. The use and diligent maintenance of a vibrator. The cherished place is takes in a loving relationship, and the comfort it offers when all else seems lost. It is an object that admits the hard realities of human existence, but also transcends them through our power to create. Yes, this short film was born of the same kind of warm, good-natured affection that must have motivated the writing of The Brave Little Toaster. And now that I've written that sentence, I really wish it were more like The Brave Little Toaster. Perhaps with a vibrator named Nine Inch Neil singing "Turn On Your Heartlight." Ah well. This version, staring a sexy woman and an increasingly fat-faced dude, is gonna have to suffice, at least until I can get the budget together on that one. So... Enjoy! And click right here, watch it, rate it, and send it to your friends.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 10:38 PM:

Paul's Brain Trust
May 29, 2008

When you say, "It could not have happened to a nicer guy," you'd rather not be referring to a brain tumor. Unfortunately, in the case of our good friend Paul, that's exactly what you'd be talking about. And it's true: something this awful could not have happened to a nicer guy.

As you may know, I lived in New York City for a year or so. (Stay with me, this is actually about Paul). While I lived there, I spent my holiday season with the dog and some Chinese food. It was really good Chinese food and a pretty good dog, but that's really all that can be said for it.

I really can't recommend the experience.

When I moved to Los Angeles, I was fortunate enough to make some wonderful friends. Actually, I'm ridiculously shy, or at least wisely reluctant to impose the misfortune of my company on anyone, so it's really more honest to say that some wonderful people made me their friend. And when those year-end holidays came around again, Paul was amongst those wonderful people who were good enough to welcome me into their home.

So, I spent last Christmas on the floor in Paul's living room, under his Christmas tree, playing with the children and feeling nothing less than welcome. It seems that kind and warm people gravitate to Paul and his family. Perhaps it's because they're kind and warm. I'm unaware of any bribery involved, so I can't imagine what else it could be. No, it must be that they're kind and warm, and not in an annoying way to boot.

I highly recommend the experience.

Yes, kindness attracts itself to itself, and in times like these, I'm glad it does. Paul's friends and family have come together to form Paul's Brain Trust.

They have a website. Go there.

You back? Okay. Let me add this: the events being held now on Paul's behalf are only the beginning. They're starting off with a screening of Blade Runner. Paul worked on the recent boxed set for it. Ridley Scott is involved and everything. Ridley isn't as cool as Paul or anything, but it's still pretty cool. If you hurry, you can probably still grab some tickets to the screening. If you don't hurry, there will be other events to follow.

That's no reason to be lazy, of course.

Cancer is awful. On top of being awful, it's suprisingly expensive. Seriously, you'd be surprised. I know you think you know how staggeringly expensive it is, but you'd still be surprised. It's more expensive than that. No, more. Higher. More expensive. Higher. Not even close. Higher. Forget it, you don't want to know how expensive it is.

That being said -- why not attract a little kindness to yourself? Feed off the energy and get in on the ground floor of a positive karma empire. Help us pay to help Paul. Give what you can.

And from now on, when we say, "Could not have happened to a nicer guy," we'll be referring to the outpouring of generosity that started here.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 12:39 AM:

Obama and the Red Phone
May 1, 2008

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has taught us much. I've long wondered why it is that, when our brain surgeon retires, we are so quick to let his wife take up the bone saw and scalpel.

It turns out it's because we have the common sense to recognize her experience. She has lived with a brain surgeon. She has attended seminars at his side, sometimes in his stead. She might as well have been a brain surgeon herself.

It's the same reason we put the son of a president in charge of our country. It's just smart.

We have also learned -- from that same trove of experience, no doubt -- that a big part of the president's job is sitting around the White House waiting for the phone to ring.

In fact, the president is expected to be there all night! Man, that is one tough job. One can only wonder, why haven't insomnia and light-sleeping been presented as major strengths in past elections? A foolish oversight on the media's part, I'm sure.

In response to this revelation, we rounded up the wives and sons of the best members of our film crew, and we did a little investigative journalism. Our short film exposes the truth about the now-mythic 3 AM phone call.

One should also note that we thought the fruits of our labor might make an excellent campaign ad for's OBAMA IN 30 SECONDS contest.

We made a short version for them.

Alas, it seems they are not familiar with the well known defenses of the Errol Morris style of dramatized re-enactment. They felt our illustration of the honest concerns of our interviewee constituted an "attack."

And they rejected it.

This is's loss.

The truth is never an attack. The truth is incapable of taking pot-shots at anyone. The sniper fire you hear is not real.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 10:53 PM:

Business as Usual
March 31, 2008

Well, well, well. Look who comes crawling back. If it isn't Misplaced Planet.

Look at yourself. Dragging your sorry butt back onto the internet, making all kinds of noise, waking everybody up, and well after midnight, too. Drop the other shoe, Misplaced Planet. Drop the other shoe, so we can all go back to sleep.

Do you own a watch? Do you know how to use a phone? Can you make a steam boat from a deck of cards? We been asleep for hours! How else could we stand the boredom?

You better be sorry, Misplaced Planet! That goes without saying!

Well, at least you got the good sense to bring back some presents with you. Let me see what you got. Hold on now. Hold the phone. That ain't a whole new website, is it? Brand new, top to bottom? And a brand new short film? My my, that ain't Business as Usual, now is it!?


Now I just don't know what to think.

Cause, you know, you been gone a long time. You left us sitting here, alone, watching reality television, eating whip cream with a rubber spatula. You been gone so long, we thought maybe you found some younger, prettier internet. One with more porn. One who liked it in the LOLCat.

But now you walk in here, flashing that new website of yours, and you remind me of all them movies that made me love you in the first place, and now you say, all this time I been wondering if you was in a ditch somewhere, dying from some egg you ate out of a dumpster, all this time, you was writing, and filming, and editing, and learning SCUBA? All for me? And then you go and make me laugh, don't you? Well! Lord above. I don't know what to think anymore.

Just don't know what to think.

Awww, hell, Misplaced Planet. Get on over here and lemme fuck you some.

You know, just to welcome you back.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 9:41 PM:

Sedna's Consession Speech
November 14, 2006

Thank you all for your support, your votes, and your continuing efforts to drum up votes and support for Misplaced Planet's little $300.00, New Jersey movie, Signal Decay, recently up for consideration on the Sci-Fi Channel / Sundance Channel Exposure Competition, missioned with discovering new filmmaking talent.
Unfortunately, despite all your gracious help, we did NOT move forward to the next round. Instead, the prize went to another film. The winning nominee was produced in 2001, by an undiscovered professional television director, and prominently features a well-established entertainment personality, absolutely unknown for his starring rolls in small, unnoticed series like M*A*S*H, as well as The Dead Zone, which aired on an unrelated, fly-by-night network called The Sci-Fi Channel.
The judges of this competition should be very proud of their selection of nominees. One must admire their strict adherence to the noble goal of seeking out new talent. We can only hope that the Grammy Music Award judges will achieve a similar clarity of purpose, and will award The Best New Artist Award to either Buddy Holly or Chuck Barry.
I must say, it is comforting to know that one of the votes made against us was likely from Alan Alda.
We were beaten by the best
On a happier note, I am very proud to announce that I have won the Misplaced Planet Sulking Award by spending my lunch hour (or so) in a sports bar, drinking several beers and not eating. Without the support of my friends, my family, my coworkers, and particularly, my waitress, I could not have earned this glorious afternoon of despondent sleepiness, throbbing headaches, blurred vision, and slurred speech. It should also be noted that Barb Beaser was awarded the second-place Silver Sulking Award for having boldly swallowed a lithium battery.
Now, having put this debacle behind us, it's time to SELL SOME DVDS, GET SOME DONATIONS, and make ourselves a movie called The Small Talker, so that someday soon, we'll be as unknown and undiscovered as this round's winners!

Thank you again! And I mean it!

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 11:11 PM:

Vote for Signal Decay! Today and Daily!
November 7, 2006

Misplaced Planet's film, Signal Decay, is a finalist in the online Exposure short-film competition held by the Sci-Fi Channel and the Sundance Channel. It will be in competition THIS WEEK ONLY, and your vote can change the future of Misplaced Planet. Go here and vote for Signal Decay. It's a big deal! And go here EVERYDAY and vote for Signal Decay: THIS WILL ALL END ON FRIDAY!! PLEASE VOTE!! IT COULD MEAN A LOT FOR OUR FUTURE AS HUMAN BEINGS!! Also, you can help by reposting this message and sending it to friends and family! If you do, you will be kissed by the object of your desire at some point in the future. If you do not, your favorite television show will eventually go off the air. And then you'll be SKINNED ALIVE AND HUNG IN A CLOSET BY A MAN WITH A HOOK. Love, Wilder, Shaun, Benni, Alli, Stirling, Karl, Gabe, Amy, and all of Misplaced Planet from now until forever.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 11:23 PM:

October 16, 2006

Today, Misplaced Planet exhaustedly launches its first DVD collection, Transmission from Sedna. It's taken a lot of sleepless nights, but the result is nothing short of spectacular. Click on the blue "shopping cart" icon above (Online Store), or click right here, to explore the vast contents. Your choice -- one disc to experience the essentials -- or a two-disc set to complete the collection.

The set is professionally packaged and pressed from a glass master -- not burned. On it, you will discover full-resolution, digitally mastered versions of Momentary Engineering, Antebellum, Home Team, Brains!!!, Signal Decay, Just Us League, Home Front, Home Movie, and more.

Many include commentary, deleted scenes, alternate scenes, and trailers, all presented with beautiful animated menus. Plus, you'll find detailed Behind the Scenes documentaries for Signal Decay, Just Us League, Antebellum, and our production of the Transmission from Sedna commercials, The Men You've Killed and Helicopter Theory. To top it all off, you'll find the world premiere of Anniversary Dinner, a devilishly twisted short written and directed by J Wilder Konschak -- Misplaced Planet's first official production, shot in 2004, recovered and re-edited for this collection.

But best of all, every thin-dime that's earned by the sale of this DVD collection goes directly into the coffers for Misplaced Planet's next major production: The Small Talker, written and directed by J Wilder Konschak, starring Jess Temple and Matt McNutt. You know you were going to contribute anyway -- why not get an amazing pair of DVDs out of the bargain?

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 11:24 AM:

The Small Talker: Rehearsal One
October 8, 2006

Even though I was hardcore exhausted after some terrible sleep the night before, the first "official" rehearsal for The Small Talker went very well.
We started off by running through the elevator scene, and then taking a few stabs at the two bathroom mirror "discussions." We spent a good long while going in circles with nonsense words, which I suspect was far more amusing and exciting for Alli and I to watch than for the actors to perform. Ridiculous. And it's going to be a hoot to film.
After that, we briefly discussed characters, and a little casting for the parts of LeAnne, Samantha, and Barb. I think, in general, we discovered a lot of interesting stuff, and the characters are coming alive, softening up, and finding their voices.
Having had enough of that scripted bullshit, we took the camcorder and an extension cord out to the courtyard and filmed some footage for a brief The Small Talker teaser trailer. I've got it all captured to my computer, and hopefully I'll have a chance to smooth out a presentable edit by the end of tomorrow. I'm less certain about what music to use than I was, but I think the footage looks surprisingly promising, considering the limited equipment and crew. Sunlight works magic.
Then, we went around and took some publicity photos, to the apparent bewilderment of the cast. It felt a lot like a good day of shooting Darwin's Kids opening credits. A lot of fun.
And, I'll have you know, I just finished looking at the pictures, and there are some really great ones. I'm going to try and post a few on the forum tomorrow. Though Jess and Matt might prefer it if we didn't, I think we'll have to do that again, because it's great stuff, and I get a kick out of it.
We will meet again either when we have Barb, LeAnne, and Samantha cast, or the first weekend in November -- whichever comes first.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 11:45 PM:

New Features, New DVD
October 4, 2006

The new Current Discussions feature puts the latest posts from the Misplaced Planet Forum just a drop-down click away.
It aggregates, organizes, and display clips from each post made on the forum in the last 24 hours. With just a click on the post title, you'll be taken to that post in the forum, where you can read it in context and post your own response.
Be sure to watch the site closely in the coming weeks. Misplaced Planet's first major DVD release is now being professionally pressed. By mid-October, the two-disc Transmission from Sedna DVD set will be available online. All proceeds will go directly toward funding our next major short-film, The Small Talker, which goes into production in January 2007.

Transmission from Sedna will feature all of our recent productions, including Momentary Engineering, Antebellum, Home Team, Brains!!, Signal Decay, Just Us League, Anniversary Dinner, Home Front, and more.
On top of that, you will find extensive commentaries, behind the scenes documentaries, and deleted or alternate scenes. The main disc will be professionally pressed and packaged, as high-quality and long-lasting as any DVD you might buy in a store.
We're very excited to offer this, and hope you'll join us in our fund-raising drive for The Small Talker. Also, if you have any suggestions for improvements or updates to the website, click on the speech-bubble button with a star, just below this message, and post your thoughts.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 10:08 PM:

Autumn from Space
September 15, 2006

September has been a very productive month at Misplaced Planet, and the autumn of 2006 promises more of the same.

As you may have noticed, we have a new Productions page, offering more information about each of the movies, and easier navigation. You will also find links to our iTunes podcast, the RSS newsfeed, and the productions-only blog (in many ways, the three are one-in-the-same).

The biggest news, of course, is the official completion of Momentary Engineering. With additional music provided by Stirling McLaughlin, and a final sound-mix by Michael Benni Pierce, the film has completed its long journey. We are very proud of it, and cast and crew should contact Wilder by clicking here to receive a link to a compressed online version. Meanwhile, don't forget to check out the new website by clicking here.

This film, along with Antebellum, Just Us League, Signal Decay, Brains!!!, and Home Team, will be featured on disc one the upcoming Misplaced Planet Productions DVD set, titled Transmission from Sedna.

Disc two will feature J Wilder Konschak's newly re-edited and scored Anniversary Dinner, along with Shaun Boyle's documentary, Home Front, and a heap of bonus materials, commentaries, and behind the scenes documentaries, including two newly produced Misplaced Planet Commercials, both of which will be making their online premiere before the end of the month. More information will be available in coming days.

And, speaking of behind the scenes documentaries, head over to the Just Us League site, where the monthly update continues. September's Behind the Scenes Documentary Segment features The Bombinatrix, Keely Flynn, and some talk about make-up and stand-ins. The full Behind the Scenes documentary will be featured along with the film on the upcoming DVD. Click here to check it out.

And through it all, Gabe Mckee's Self-Amusement Park continues to make us wonder what's wrong with that guy. Enjoy the mystery by clicking here.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 5:33 PM:

J.U.L. and More to Come
August 15, 2006

Misplaced Planet's newest short-film, Just-Us League, also known as J.U.L., has its own website. It is the pulse-pounding fable of a father who tries to heal the hearts o his children by pretending they're a family of super-heroes. It is also a movie where a half-naked woman beats the hell out of a dumb jerk.
View the movie, meet the heroes, and check in regularly, because there will be monthy updates to the Behind the Scenes featurettes, and the newest segment, Part 2, was posted today. You can access it in the Productions Section, or you can click right here.
In the very near future, particularly in a cosmological sense, there will be many exciting updates, including news for the recently completed Antebellum, the nearly completed Momentary Engineering, and even some projects you thought were forgotten, such as Anniversary Dinner. We'll also be starting pre-production on our next major short-film, Small Talker, written and directed by J Wilder Konschak.
Furthermore, you'll have a chance to own many of the features you've sampled here on Misplaced Planet, when we release our first DVD since the last DVD. But that's still on the hush, hush, so don't let anyone know I told you.
Until then, enjoy Self-Amusement Park, where Gabe Mckee demonstrates the horrible majesty of his warrior spirit.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 9:20 PM:

Self-Amusement Park is back!
March 31, 2006

That's right, after a year-long hiatus while I finished up my book and settled into my new, underemployed existence in Brooklyn, it's finally time for L'il John, Francesca, Unicron, and Katie to bring you the laffs you've been missing. My plan is to try to put up two (two!) new strips every week, so come back often to experience the adventure that is my brain. In the coming weeks, you'll find an improved site design, character bios, extended storylines, guest stars galore, and an army of vikings. So stop on by! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Accost strangers on the street! Self-Amusement Park: It's not just for brain-damaged orangutangs anymore. Hugs, bugs, and heartstring tugs,

Posted by Gabe Mckee at 10:36 AM:

Been a Long Time...
March 17, 2006

...Since we've updated the old message board here, but that's because Misplaced Planet has been in the midst of some pretty serious updates and upgrades. We have moved to a new hosting service, which should provide faster connections and far more space for hefty video and audio content. In case you're wondering, that new host is BlueHost, and so far, they've been pretty good to us. I'll let you know if they cross me. Right now, you should turn your attention to the Newest Sidebar, where you'll notice the button for Signal Decay. That's our newest short film, created for the DVXUser Science Fiction Competition, Sci-Fest. The website is ready for your examination, so check it out by clicking right here. You'll find the film itself, along with a gallery of pictures, and a wonderful Behind the Scenes Documentary. You can also click over to the Momentary Engineering site, where we're posting a sneak peek of the film's web trailer, which will be officially launched along with the full website in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 1:39 PM:

Brains!! Wins Ridiculous Award!
January 31, 2006

This weekend Brains!! was featured in the Garage Comedy Film Festival, in Hollywood's famous New Beverly Cinema. That was on midnight, Saturday, January 28th, 2006, for those keeping tabs. Brains!! was featured along with an hour of other carefully selected shorts. Brains!! was well-received. Unlike George W. Bush in Iraq, Brains!! did not bomb. Much like George W. Bush making a policy speach, Brains!! got a lot of laughs. Brains!! also received a special prize. It's in an envelope with a gold-embossed sticker that reads, "Excellence Award," with a little torch in the middle of the sticker. That's supposed to remind you of the Olympics. When you peel back the sticker and open the envelope, you find a parchment certificate, which reads, "Certificate of Recognition. BRAINS is awarded this certificate in recognition of ZOMBIE HUMOR this 28th of January, 2006." There you go. Brains!! won its category, hands down. Rock on Metuchen, Rock on Brooklyn, Rock on Van Nuys,

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 12:08 PM:

Misplaced Planet's New Year
January 1, 2006

As those with sharp eyes have already surely observed, New Year's Day 2006 is being celebrated with a fresh new face for Misplaced Planet. I'm very excited to finally share the new site, rebuilt from the ground up, expanded, streamlined, and ready to roll. The goal has been making the nature of content instantly apparent, and immediately accessible. There's more transparency of information, like the last update times, now displayed in the footer, and the newest banners and archives, now right out in the open. There are new navigational elements, like the magical tour through all the major sections (click go!), or the ability to backtrack through where you've already been, in the order you left them (click return!). Soon, you'll can expect to see expanded member information and member pages, all just a click away from their contributions. You'll see in-depth linking from exterior sources for more content (as is now possible for And you'll see many of the exterior sites (such as "Brains!!") brought back into the Misplaced Planet fold, where they belong. This site revamp has been at the center of my secret workshop for several months, and though this is only the beginning, I hope you'll find it as thrilling as I do! I can't wait to hear what people think. Please feel free to post your thoughts and responses to the blog or to the forum!

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 12:00 AM:

A Very Embarrassing Christmas
December 20, 2005

To properly ring in the holidays, Misplaced Planet brings you perhaps the most embarrassing film ever made: A Very Pilloman Christmas. Watch as the Planet's senior members make absolute asses of themselves for your amusement by clicking right here. Did I mention it's ridiculous? Because it is. Really ridiculous. Like my dog's haircut. If you don't know who Pilloman is, now's a good time to get with it and click right here. If you don't care for Christmas, what better way to warm up a chilly December than an encore presentation of the quintessential experimental/art film about the world's most quintessential experimental/art filmmaker? Hans Leber was, in fact, so artsy, so experimental, so quintessential, that he was almost entirely fictional at the time of his death. You can check out Shaun Boyle's Home Movie by clicking right here. You should also take time to see a wonderful little comedy short, which we like to call Brains!! And the title contains not one, but two exclamation points. Nothing less will do. Check out the Brains!! website by clicking right here.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 12:15 PM:

A Blast From the Past - Home Movie
December 11, 2005

What better way to warm up a chilly December than an encore presentation of the quintessential experimental/art film about the world's most quintessential experimental/art filmmaker? Hans Leber was, in fact, so artsy, so experimental, so quintessential, that he was almost entirely fictional at the time of his death. You can check out Shaun Boyle's Home Movie by clicking right here. Was the demise of Hans Leber merely a filmatic stunt that he perpetrated upon himself? Is this film a fictional found-footage collage, or a twisted confession to murder by Shaun Boyle? What does it all mean, considering that Boyle himself assumed the "role" of Hans Leber, after the filmmaker decided that playing himself in real life was painfully passé? Does this circular dance of absurdity excuse the inclusion of black and white footage of a man smoking? Only Hans Leber could answer these questions. So it seems the world will never know. You should also take time to see a wonderful little comedy short, which we like to call Brains!! And I insist that the title contains not one, but two exclamation points. Nothing less will do. Check out the website by clicking right here. Meanwhile, don't forget to visit the Antebellum website, where you can catch the awesome trailer. And keep your eyes peeled for many upcoming changes and additions, many where you least expect them! Unless, of course, you expect music, movies, and more... Then, it's probably precisely where you most expect them.

Posted by J Wilder Konschak at 8:17 PM:

Stabby Thanksgiving
November 29, 2005

Last night we saw not one, but TWO new comics from One Man Knife Fight. Their are those among you who would point out that there was only one comic last week. So really, all we did was catch up with ourselves. I say "Bite me good sir! Bite me toot sweet!" I prefer to think of it all as ushering in a new era of personal responsibility. We still have a lot in the pipeline for OMKF this year. So keep your eyes glued to the computer. No, not literally. Ok, if you insist. -Stirling McKnifefight

Posted by Poo Monkey at 6:36 AM:

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