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Website Bio Info

If your biographical information or photograph are featured on the Momentary Engineering website, you may have them updated for the new promotional Momentary Engineering website. Please e-mail those changes to me at I will make the changes as soon as I receive them, and as frequently as desired. If you would like any contact information included, such as an e-mail address, let me know; otherwise, no contact information will be included. There is no limit to the amount of text you can include on the new site, but I'd recommend keeping your bios to under two thousand words! :)

The place, again, is:

Also, since we will be mailing you a final, professionally pressed and packaged DVD, we will require a mailing address. Mailing addresses will NOT be put on the website, but if you want a DVD, and you want to get on the list, you can send that to me as well.


Posted by Wilder

Coming Soon to Your Eyes

Momentary Engineering is now in the able hands of Stirling McLaughlin, a composer who's worked with Misplaced Planet on the recent productions of Just-Us League (J.U.L.) and Signal Decay. His additional music will fill out the work of Ryland Blackinton, finally giving the film the treatment is has long deserved. His work is expected to be completed by September 1st.

Once his music is added, a final sound-mix will be performed, giving us a final product by September 15th. The film will make its premiere here, on the website, and along with a potential run in festivals, it will be featured on the upcoming Misplaced Planet DVD, along with Antebellum, Signal Decay, J.U.L., Brains!!, and Home Team. A copy will be provided, as long promised, to all cast and crew that desire one, as well as to all contributors that gave at or above the $25 level, and requested a DVD.

A second DVD will also be available to complete the set, including Behind the Scenes footage, as well as other features, including Anniversary Dinner, Home Movie, and the documentary, Home Front. This DVD should become available, fresh from pressing, by the end of September.

Check here for updates!

Posted by Wilder

Website Preview

I know I've been promising a Momentary Engineering promotional website for a long while now. But that's how long I've been working on it. As with the rest of the production, nothing less than the best is going to suffice, so it's grown in the making. However, since the movie itself is getting precariously close to completion, I thought I'd put another preview up for those who are loyally keeping an eye out.

The promotional website for Momentary Engineering is available at the following location. At present, I have completed two of the massive Flash photo galleries, and have coded a "News" section to accept updates from this website. I have also posted the trailer in Flash format. You can see it all here:

Any suggestions or input is welcome.

Posted by Wilder

Trailer Sneak Preview

We've filmed a new opening credit sequence (it really needed one to ease us into the first scene), collected footage and source materials for the website, and even made another polish trim of the edit. So, as Ryland continues forward on the final score, as we wait for that last piece to fall into place, we've put together a trailer for the upcoming promotional website.

You are invited to view the trailer right here, early. Simply click on this link. (Actually, I recommend using "Save Target As")

Posted by Wilder