Misplaced Planet single-handedly invented the web comic and brought Flash animation from its
infancy into a viable medium. In fact, it was Misplaced Planet that first developed the idea of placing "content"
on the interweb at all! Before that, it was purely a bunch of hyperlinks between pages that had hyperlinks to other pages.

Misplaced Planet operates under a unique astrological star. Its name is Sedna, a small planetoid orbiting
our solar system far beyond Pluto, in the Ort Cloud. It was discovered in 2004. Ergo, it is not lost. It is misplaced.
And like our ruling planet Sedna, we belong amongst the stars.

However, Misplaced Planet works only with Flash compatible browsers with Javascript enabled.

Misplaced Planet is a collective of filmmakers, artists, writers, and bums
working out of New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
It is always seeking new members for its online community,
and new projects for its idle hands.
2004 (c) copyright J Wilder Konschak and respective contributors.