The moment you've all been waiting for has finally arrived!

Misplaced Planet's first DVD release, "Film School is for Assholes: True Tales of the Overambitious, Overeducated, and Unemployed" is now for sale! For only $15 plus shipping and handling, you'll own a piece of Misplaced Planet's history.

Including 18 pieces with over 100 minutes of footage, this DVD features works from 1998 to the present day, spotlighting the historical haydays of some of Misplaced Planet's up-and-coming artists and friends. Along with remastered footage found on everything from VHS to Hi-8, ten tracks of commentary by the filmmakers themselves have been included to make this a truly historical piece of cinema.

Some of the included videos are:

1) "Doppio" by Stirling McLaughlin

2) "The Elevator Movie" by Mark Hugo

3) "Jesus Christ Superfreak" by Michael Benni Pierce

4) "Roxanne" by Wade Stuckwisch and Mark Hugo

5) "The Div 3" by J Wilder Konschak and Stirling McLaughlin

6) "Pigs" by Zak Kauffman

7) "Home Movie" by Shaun Boyle

8) "The Beetle vs Scary Clown Faced Guy" by Wade Stuckwisch

... and that's just the beginning! Ten more shorts accompany this already impressive list of works!

Stop trying to sell me the damn thing and let me buy it now using PayPal!

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